Sales funnel

Here’s a really simple diagram I keep handy to remind me what I’m meant to be working on. Each day I pick one or two of these and try to improve them just a bit.

I call it a sales pipeline (some people call them sales funnels) and the idea is that it tells me how I get customer from one state to the next. For example, to get a customer (or potential customer) from being unaware of my products to being aware of them, I might post on facebook to show a new product, or use twitter to share some relevant information that helps people relate to my brand or get interested.

Further down the pipeline, by having the right product mix at the right prices and by having a shop on Etsy that is properly set up with ‘about me’ and policies, I might convert them from being aware of my products into actually buying one.

The theory is that if I do all of these well enough, I’ll get lots of sales. Sounds easy, right?

There are tons of examples of sales pipelines you can find on google, why not have a go at building your own and tweet them back to me @geekprofane

Post any other comments / suggestions below.

Example sales pipliene



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