Why some people are doing amazingly well on Etsy, and you’re not (yet)

Ask the average person new to sales to draw a graph plotting sales over time and they’ll probably draw this:




but for most sellers, the actual graph is this:




It’s a logistical function graph (not exponential) and can be viewed in 3 phases:

The low plateau (left)

This is where you are now if you’re complaining that you’re doing everything right but getting no sales. One of two things is happening, either you are doing everything right and you just haven’t hit the bump yet, or you’re not doing everything right and are never going to hit it. How to make sure you’ll hit it? On Etsy, this comes down to:

  1. Being in a market that actually has customers (and a decent number of them) (Edit: as Neil rightly pointed out on the Etsy Uk Sellers Networking Group, if you’re going into a flooded market be prepared to work very hard.)
  2. Following conventional wisdom about Etsy SEO and building good practice
  3. Having good pictures, descriptions, policies etc
  4. Driving customers to your shop via social media, content marketing
  5. Having enough products to fill the demand

Get all of these right, I mean really right, and in a few months you should hit that bump.

The bump (middle)

The dramatic climb in a short space of time. As to how high it goes, this will come down again to the size of the market (potential customer base) and the size of your product offerings. Keep adding good products, keep on top of SEO, keep marketing, and you’ll keep riding the bump upwards.

The high plateau (right)

You may be comfortable here and be running a level of custom you can sustain, or this may be an interim state and you’ll want to start heading for your next bump, maybe with your current shop or a new shop and product offering. But to keep this as a plateau, rather than a decline, you’ll need to do the same good things you’ve been doing all along. New products (but maybe at a slower rate than when you were expanding), good SEO, good social media.

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