The strength of Item Attribute Relevancy on Etsy search

So here’s a thing. Etsy have updated their ‘How Search Works‘ article to include a section on IAR (Item Attribute Relevancy). There’s only basic info in there at the moment, but what interested me is the narrative comparison with TTR (Title and Tag Relevancy) and where they inserted that section in the overall article (directly after TTR).
How Etsy Search Works
Does this imply an order to the strength of each of the 6 (now 7) primary search rank factors? Is TTR the strongest? I previously thought that LQ (Listing Quality) was the strongest factor, but may have to rethink now.
It wouldn’t surprise me. As Etsy move towards better search, hopefully this mean less emphasis given to title keyword stuffing and ability to game favourites and more on items being found honestly through search.
Interesting times ahead. I guess this means I have to update my Quick Reference Guide…
**EDIT: I’ve now updated the infographic – read the update post here or go straight to the QRG download page

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