60 Second Etsy Interview: Jennifer Woracker

What’s your name and shop? 

My name is Jennifer Woracker and I run Percy’s Peculiars, I sell polymer clay jewellery and gifts. My shop link is percyspeculiars.etsy.com

How long have you been selling on Etsy?

il_570xN.1328282239_gmjbI opened Percy’s Peculiars in July this year. I had previously had an etsy shop but never gave it the attention it needed to make it a success. I did find moderate success with my previous business TwinkleBalls & the Big Bauble Boutique, I ran this business selling cake toppers and family sculptures in baubles for 5 years via facebook and my own website.
After having my 4th child I found that I could no longer dedicate the time necessary for a bespoke service so I decided to make jewellery instead, giving me the freedom to produce what I can when I can and not be tired to custom orders. I am really enjoying coming up with new designs and learning new techniques.

What’s been the biggest hurdle for you to overcome?

Everything is so new to me, I realise now that I had no idea what I was doing with my first etsy shop. Luckily this time around I have found an amazing etsy facebook group that is full of brilliant advice and friendly supportive members.
elephantsThe other hurdle I am yet to overcome is the changes on Facebook, I came off of maternity leave to find that everything I knew about Facebook was no longer relevant, I’m trying to build up my page and direct people to my etsy shop but it does feel like I am flogging a dead horse.
I think if I do well with sales this festive season I will start investing in advertising, which is another learning curve for me.

Describe a typical day?

Typically I don’t get to do much work during the day as I have my 3 year old till she goes to school at 1pm and my soon to be 1 year old keeps me busy all day. I do manage to pop on Facebook for a spot of morning or afternoon networking and if I’m really lucky I can do some listings and edit photos whilst the little man sleeps.
The creative side of my business takes place in the evening when the children are sleeping. I generally have a few orders on the go at once and will try to work on at least 1 new design a night.space
I try to have 1 night off a week but usually end up networking or drawing up new designs.
Paperwork is something I am useless at, luckily for me my husband does my accounts so I just need to concentrate on getting orders out, marketing and thinking up new ideas.
I am trying to get myself more organised, I’m not a naturally tidy person and this does impede my work. I will be on the look out for planner and calendar in the new year to aid in my mission to be organised.

Where would you like to be a year from now?

21368596_485689635142906_8022115699997670694_oI’m hoping my business will have grown well and I will have built up a good customer base. It would be awesome to be able to be a proper second income to take some of the financial responsibility off my husband.
We are saving for a deposit for a house so I would really like to have a healthy pot of money saved from sales from my little shop to put towards this.
This is one of a series of 60-second interviews with Etsy shop owners. If you’d like to be interviewed, please send a short email to rob@geekprofane.com with your name and etsy shop link.

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